Sunday, July 8, 2012

Goodwill Outlet in Kansas City

If you haven't heard about it yet you are definately missing out. We now have a Goodwill Outlet in Kansas City. Here's the details: Goodwill Outlet Store & Retail Operations Center 1800 N. Corrington Kansas City, MO 64120 Store Hours: Mon – Sat: 9 am to 9pm Sun: 11am to 6pm Donation Hours: Mon-Sat: 9am to 9pm Sun: 11am to 6pm 816-743-7660 It is a shopping experience like no other and I'll give you the scoop on some of the rules. So you walk in and the are several bays of bins they are filled with all of the disgarded treasures that didn't make it into or didn't sell at the standard goodwill stores. There is also a section at the back with insanely cheap furniture. Back to the Bins. They start out with some sort of rhyme or reason. There are those filled with clothing, general bric a braq, glass, books and toys. The stuff quickly gets mixed up. They bring out referred bins every 30 mins. And that is where the craziness begins. You are not allowed to touch the items until they are in place and the employees give you the sign however most people don't follow these rules and they will push and shove to get the items they want. I saw a guy taking shoes out of someones chart had a lady pin me in and watched someone about loose there head over some pans. Now why would people be so nuts well becuase of this is sold by the pound. Most everythign is simply $.79 a pound. There are some items such as glass which are priced differently per pound and the furniture is marked but i saw a 1930 era desk for only a dollar so if you have a truck bring it. So what types of things would possibly make it this far in the thriftying cycle isn't it all just what is passed over and not wanted. Not necessarily. Here is my haul from last weekend: My daughter found a bag of what I thought was just play food but it was an almost complete set of McDonalds. toy McDonalds food These four animals are about 7-8 inches tall and they have a circuit on top that makes the corresponding noise when you close it with your fingers. Untitled General items I found at the bottoms of the bins. Untitled Untitled This little butterfly decoration is going on my wall. Untitled Whimsey Untitled 2 yards of vintage fabric Untitled And my new Jamacia bag Untitled Not to mention more small toys and whimsey, 3 or 4 t-shirts, 3 vintage towels, several vintage pillowcases and a few items of kids clothing. And how much did I pay for all this loot and 3 hours of shopping entertainment Less than $13.00 Next time I will have to get a picture of the register :) :) :).

I'm back with a plan.

OK so its been awhile since I posted but I'm ready to start posting again. I have loaded the app on my Tablet and ready to start Blogging. I have two awesome Hauls to post about and I am planning on joining a crafting challenge that will provide me with some pretty consistant material. Stay tuned for my post about the new Goodwill Outlet here in Kansas City (includes haul pics and tips) and My First Friday weekend finds. I will also detail the craft challenge as soon as I get signed up.