Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kids books

I went to Turnstyles again today. Nothing to exciting I picked up some books for my daughter and one for me to use in decoupage projects.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Thrifting disappointment

OK so this weekend I went to the Goodwill and the Savers on Santa Fe in Olathe. I must say I was disappointed. I did get a few cute pillow cases (pictures to come) but over all I was not impressed.

First Savers, the positive points were that the store was big and clean and looks more like a retail store than most thrift store. I did find lots of pillowcases but the housewares section didn't have anything worth picking up and the toy section left lots to be desired. I think the store is larger than the one on 95th st but I will be sticking with the other store for sure. I thought in general the quality of merchandise was not as good.

Then on to Goodwill it had more of a thrift store (we came in put some stuff and a few posters in an already existing space) feel to it and when I went to the bathroom the lock was broke uggh. There were lots of clothes which I was not there to find but the stuff section was slim pickings. I will say the pricing is set per type of item so I find this is the best type of store to get a deal at. For example all size 2t clothing is $1.89 so it doesn't matter if it came from Walmart or Gymboree its the same price. I did buy a metal plate there for a cake stand I am making and the Furniture section had some decent deal if you were looking for furniture. The toy section again not the best.

So we ended up in Target to get a new toy since there was nothing at either thrift store. Over all not a successful thrifting experience.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pillowcase is now a dress

This is the dress that I made out of one of the pillowcases that I got yesterday. The whole dress cost me less than $2.00 to make. I had some thermal bonding tape so I didn't even have sew anything.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Ok so I saw a tutorial for making pillowcase skirts and pillowcase dress so I went to Catholic Charities to pick up some pillowcases I picked up two there (will post pics later). I got a cute little vintage circus pillowcase which I will be making my daughter a dress from and a flowered pillowcase that I'm not that fond of so I might just use it for practice. They were $1.00 a pillowcase.
I also went to Savers were I found some really nice bright floral pillowcases. They are $.99 and $1.00 for sets of pillowcases. I bought one set to make myself a skirt from not the smallest behind on me :). I will also be making one for my sister who does have a small behind.

Ok so I love Thrift Stores

I find them a great source for vintage items, crafting supplies, clothing, etc. My intention here is to write about the local thrifting scene here in Kansas City. I will be creating a list of local thrift stores, reviewing different thrift stores, comparing prices for commonly thrifted items, and giving discount tips for local thrifts stores. I will also post some of my finds and thing things I make from them.